Total Surface Coverage

From €4,500

Includes: Full coverage of all exterior painted surfaces available for your vehicle.

Time 5 – 10 days

Drive with complete piece if mind knowing you entire paintwork is protected with self healing film. 

We wrap all edges available to make total coverage for your car the most seamless install we possibly can. We can on request remove parts like badges, indicators, mirrors and even handles on request, if the customer wishes. Generally being brand new vehicles, generally our customers prefer to air on the side of caution as being brand new vehicles. Our software has precision cut patterns which have a tolerance sometime of as little or less as 1mm to make our installs almost completely invisible. 

This is the most comprehensive coverage Flawless has to offer. And is becoming very popular for those who want complete piece of mind and protection with their pride and joy.  

We can customise patterns to give the most seamless install possible. Please call us to discuss options further.

Cost examples for other vehicles : 

Tesla Model 3 –  €5.988.26

Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS €6,404.80