XPEL Paint Protection Film

Paint Protect Film

If you drive on the road – you need PPF ! We have had brand new vehicles do only 80km to us from the dealership and collect 3 rock chips on the way ! If your precious about your paintwork and or want piece of mind driving daily, contact us so we can protect your cars paint from day 1. 

Contact us for a pre delivery ppf application. We have been working in line with Dealerships locally and nationally so you can have you car PPF’d prior to it hitting the road for the first time. Where we can be trusted to remove all the delivery transport film, prep the car and install PPF and or ceramic coatings prior to you seeing it for the first time to ensure your vehicle is of the best possible presentation standard come delivery day. 

We can also organise enclosed transport so your vehicle doesn’t do any unnecessary mileage and more importantly dosent collect any damage prior to your delivery to us and return to the dealership or your premises while the car is in our care. 

From daily drivers to enthusiast vehicles, exotics and vintage. We can find a ppf solution and customise it to for you and your vehicle individually. 

For price estimates please see our different coverage options available in our drop down menu from Standard coverage to Total surface coverage. 

Our most commonly answered questions are below also…


Paint protection film uses a special polymer in its top clear coat that flows even though it is cured. This allows the surface to find its natural level again after being scratched or damaged on the surface.

With the application of a moderate heat to the film (between 32-40 ◦c) this can be induced by: Leaving the vehicle out in the sun, heat generated from the engine, applying warm water.

Allow a minimum of 3 days following the installation, after which frequent washing and waxing is recommended of the vehicle. Avoid the use of pressure washers for 30 days following the installation.

The film can be washed in the same way you would normally clean your vehicle. PH neutral car shampoos are recommended. We also advise washing with a lamb’s wool wash mitt using the two bucket method.

Yes you may use a pressure washer however you will need to be mindful to stay around two feet away from the areas where film is applied, especially around the edges of the film.

The film takes 30 days to fully cure, during this period there may be some haze or condensation visible. Avoid the use of pressure washers in this 30 day period also.

Yes, the film can be waxed and sealed just like your paintwork. However we do advise against waxing over the edges of the film. We suggest leaving a 2cm gap when waxing up to an edge of the film. It is also recommended you allow a minimum of 3 days once fitted before the vehicle is waxed or washed

We recommend that the re-sprayed paintwork be left for a minimum of four weeks to cure and harden before any paint protection film is applied. If the film is applied within this four week period then there is a risk that the paint could lift if the film is removed at a later point.

Speak to us, we can carry out a test on your vehicle if it’s been ceramic coated. However we do not recommend applying these types of coatings if you are looking to have paint protection film installed as the coating on the surface leaves a low friction finish and may prevent the films adhesive to bond and cure correctly to the paint.

The films we use are all warranted for 10 years* when installed by Lussivo. This warranty covers: yellowing, staining, delaminating, peeling, and product failure and is backed by the respective manufacturer during this period

Yes, however we recommend that the removal of the product is carried out in house by our trained and certified technicians as there are specific steps and methods required to guarantee the film is safely removed. If this is not possible please contact us for assistance.