Complete Paint Correction

Superior Detailing Package for prestigious cars

Complete Paint Correction

Time: 5 – 8 days         from €1,299 – €1,599

This service is for those who want perfection. Its the pinnacle of our paint correction services and every car tests our skills to the highest level. Every exterior painted surface is polished to the best possible condition revealing the truest and deepest paint condition possible.   

“The Prep”

  • Full luxury hand wash using a two bucket wash method.
  • Dry all surfaces and crevices and pat down the paint with the finest micro fibre woven towels to eliminate swirling and scratching
  • Clean and detail door, hood and trunk jambs
  • Engine bay will receive a minor detail at this point
  • The car will be placed on our lift system and wheels then removed.
  • Clean, degrease and condition wheel wells.
  • Clean, polish and coat wheels to include calipers. We advise Ceramic coating the wheels at this point.
  • Removal of all bonded above-surface contaminants including paint, glass, and plastic lenses using our specialized polybutene clay method
  • Paint depth will be measured around the vehicle prior to any correction
“The Cut stage”
  • Depending on the condition of the paint, all surfaces will be polished using a compound, machine and pad best suited to your vehicle’s needs in order to remove severe scratches, oxidation, major surface imperfections.
“The rectifcation stage”
  • The paintwork will be refined using a lighter, less abrasive polish to completely uniform the paint’s finish. This will add depth and clariy back into the paint.
“Jewling stage”
  • The paintwork will then be refined using a very fine finishing polish. This may be done in 2 or even 3 complete stages around the entire vehicle. This will finalize the polishing process and have your vehicle’s paint in its absolute best possible condition and to a showroom standard
  • The whole car is then cleansed to remove any polish residue. This leaves the paint fresh and clean for the next step.
“Protection Stage”
  • Depending on the coating decided this is this time we will apply a ceramic coating.
  • Express Detail will be completes at this stage.
  • Clean and polish all glass, gauge clusters, radio and navigation screens
  • Clean and polish all interior wood, carbon fiber accents, trim, as well as all compartments.
  • White Glove Inspection:  This is to re-examine the vehicle to ensure that nothing has been overlooked. Any final corrections necessary will be made in order to meet and exceed all your expectations

**price may vary slightly depending on condition**