Window Tinting

Not every one likes the gold fish bowl feeling of car windows ! We are here to help.

We can accommodate any car make or model for tinting. 

Our window tinting specialist has over 20 years experience and can tackle any obstacles others may find difficult with ease. 

We guarantee all of our work to a high professional standard. 


Costs for each vehicles vary depending on what level tint is required and or amount of windows being tinted. 


A 5 door Golf for instance : Rear 5 pieces of glass €210. 

When we say 5 pieces we mean the rear doors actually have 2 separate pieces of glass alone. Then the rear window too. So that totals 5. 


Please physically count the panes of glass you wish to tint before requesting a quote. 

NCT: Tinting drivers and passenger front windows and windscreen will NOT pass NCT and is deemed to be illegal. We can provide this service but it is not intended for road use and the legality of the tint is the vehicle owner’s responsibility. 

Font windows can run €90-120 for both front door windows.



Tint removal. We have been requested to remove tint for NCT. We can provide this service for €80 for 2 windows. This includes removing the glue residue left behind from the film leaving the glass as clean and as flawless as possible.