Headlight Restoration

Dull, Yellow Cloudy Headlights are not only unsightly, but dangerous for you and other road users. Get them restored today for a fraction of the coat of replacement.


Time: 2hr  Cost €100  2x lenses


We are also the only company in Ireland who are offering a full 1 Year Guarantee with all our headlight restorations. 

You could fail your NCT due to Yellow / Cloudy headlights.

Worst of all you could have an accident at night because your lights were too dim to see a hazard!
Don’t worry, we can help. Get up to 80% better light.
Book Now before before your NCT and have to pay for a full re-sit of the test.
Don’t spend €1000’s on new headlights, get your existing ones restored!!!

Most people don’t realize that cloudy, foggy, yellowed plastic headlight lenses affect as many as 8 out of 10 cars on the road today. Once you realize your car headlights are not working well enough for you to see clearly at night, you will know that this is not safe. The good news is that you don’t need to go out and buy pricey new headlights, or even expensive headlight bulbs. Here at Flawless Detailing we use a professional process which will restore your cloudy, foggy, yellowed plastic headlights to like-new condition. Restoring headlights is a tricky job. Someone who is not a professional runs the risk of permanently damaging your headlights, or worse, burning and damaging your paintwork. This could be very costly for you!


So stick with the professionals – Trust Flawless

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