TITAN Hyper-quarts

Adding a ceramic coating to any of our machine polishing services will prolong your investment enhancing your paintwork by 200%

TITAN is our revolutionary hybrid coating containing unmatched levels of pure ingredients sourced from across the globe.

Titan contains our High Performance HyperQuartz Carbon technology which creates a flexible yet hard protective layer on the applied surface creating hypergloss with incredible depth and enhanced clarity.

TITAN was engineered for paint protection, it increases surface hardness, presents you with reoccurring Hypergloss and keeps water spots at bay rather than simply being built for hydrophobicity and beading.

It was also engineered to perform like an Elastomer on a micro-scale with a superior flexibility to hardness ratio.

TITAN has a polymer reformation function activated by heat that helps keep paintwork free from swirls.

Titan Ceramic coating starts from €399